Why Work With Me?

As a consultant, I work with entrepreneurs and their employees. My consulting practice is broken down into three components: Course Design, Workshops, and Exclusive Content.

All of my adult life has been spent building skills from the business world and combining them with my teaching expertise. I’m uniquely positioned at the crossroads of both worlds, so I understand how businesses operate and create high quality learning experiences that are relevant and engaging.

As a curriculum designer, I’ve worked with programs that service the United States Air Force Academy as well as high net worth individuals looking to build brand awareness. In addition, I’ve received Teacher of the Year honors for my innovative strategies that keep learners engaged.

Collectively, my experience and proven track record ensure that you are getting the best possible service and end result for your business and employees.

Course Design

Do you have skills that you want to share with the world?

Creating a course is a great way to teach your knowledge to others while saving precious hours by recording once. This saves time you would otherwise spend doing 1 on 1 coaching to share the same ideas, so you will have far greater reach. Once the course is designed, you will have more freedom and flexibility in your daily schedule. You will also be helping others achieve the success they always dreamed of by learning from the best.

Here’s how it works: first, we will work together to brainstorm what you want to share with the world. Afterwards, I will organize your thoughts into a course map and course outline. Next, I will work with you to create content and resources for your audience. Then, you record your class and we edit it so that it’s ready for distribution. Finally, we put it all together and start sharing it on your website. From start to finish, you will receive expert advice and guidance.


Do you want to invest in your employees?

In an age where people change jobs more frequently than ever, retaining high quality employees is essential. To do this, you have to stand out. By going above and beyond what other employers are doing, you will attract the best of the best because they know you will invest in them. Having workshops geared towards personal development for employees will separate you from your competition and inspire loyalty from your employees.

Workshops are totally customizable based on your needs. Depending on your circumstances, we can create a workshop specific to your industry or you can choose a personal development course that’s already been created. Reach out to learn more!


Do you want access to unreleased content?

Sometimes a single blog post isn’t enough. With the membership benefits, you would receive never before seen content including books, podcasts, blogs, and more. You will also be given the chance to sign up for courses before they are released to other members of the audience.